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Best Beard Styles 2018

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There’s no denying that beards are on trend right now, and their popularity doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon! Long gone are the days where beards were seen as uncool and dated; now they are embraced by men all over the world. From long thick beards to cropped, close shaved creations, there is a great number to choose, and the challenge is to find the one most suited to your face shape and your unique sense of style. But what is currently in fashion and trending in the world of facial hair? If you’re looking for the hottest beard style, look no further! 

Long Beard Styles

A long beard certainly takes time and effort to grow and style, but it is so worth it. These exude manliness, hailing back to a bygone era where men were the hunter-gatherers. Once viewed as unkempt and messy, long styles are on the rise in popularity and there’s a variety to choose from:

Slick back hair & full beard:

This style may be seen as ‘classic hipster,’ and involves a closed shaved hair, with slicked back top, paired with an impressive full, bushy beard. Add a pair of shades to complete the look.

Messy medium length hair, handlebar moustache & thick beard: While this style requires extra effort on the part of the handlebar moustache, there’s no escaping it’s a striking look, especially when teamed with the soft, messy hair.

Brushed up hair & soft beard: Who says bushy beards need to look rough? This long style pairs a soft beard and messy, textured hair to create a manageable, attractive look. Achieve the soft beard by using special conditioner and Da’Dude’s Da’Beard Oil to keep it smooth. 

To keep your beard smooth check out this awesome Beard Oil showdown by thatsNathan.

Long Hair & Long Beard Styles: 

For the man who loves the Viking look, grow both your hair and your beard to replicate this style; think Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones for inspiration.

Viking Man with Beard and Axe

Keep both the long hair and the long beard looking textured to create the perfect style. 

Short Beard Styles

Somewhat more tamed that a long style, short beards are ideal for those who want to have neat, trimmed, and professional facial hair. It’s the ideal style for both the office and after work drinks. It allows you to move effortlessly from office appropriate to social ready.  

Low razor fade & short beard style: This style is perfect for those who want minimal fuss and effort, especially in the morning. The low razor fade adds definition to the haircut, with the top being left longer and textured.

The short, cropped beard is both professional and stylish in appearance. This is a style most likely to be seen on celebrities such as David Beckham.

Comb over, undercut fade & short, thick beard: With sharp, slick lines, and the fading undercut, this beard and hairstyle are cool, classic, and sleek. It requires upkeep, such as keeping the lines straight and defined, but it’s so worth it.

Buzzcut & circle beard: For those who want the style of a beard without it covering their face, the circle beard sits neatly around the mouth, and paired with a buzz cut hairstyle, it’s fashionable and easily managed.  

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