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Best Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Angelika Young

Curly hair takes a bit of getting used to; its comparatively high maintenance and tends to have a mind of its own. You may feel that your hair lacks the versatility of other hair types, but it doesn’t! You just need to be inspired to see how your curls can be styled creatively to maximize your features and personal style.

So, rather than fighting your follicles, you need to find ways to tame your mane. Whether you are seeking a low maintenance short curl style or making the most of your volume and curls, here are the best hairstyles for men with curly hair to help celebrate your uniqueness and individual style.

Short Hair

The benefit of curly hair is, as your granny would have told you, you have a natural hair texture that people pay a fortune to replicate. The curls can be cut close to the head with the result that you have an abundance of textured spikes that are primed for styling or left alone for a more relaxed look. You may have spent time trying to comb your curls out, but rather than comb your hair to remove the curl, use it to define the style by creating a curly combover – a curly side parting if you will. Use hairspray to control the direction of the wave and maintain its structure. You’ll need to ask your barber for a fade on the sides and the back to remove excess volume, but the longer lengths left on top to combover. 

Medium Length Hair

You may find that as your hair grows, the curls are slightly pulled out by the additional weight. Ask your barber to trim your hair using scissors to both lighten the load and add structure. If you’ve gone through the pain of growing your curly hair, you’ll want to make full use of the additional length. Medium length hair can create a relaxed and free-flowing style, which works best when the curls are helped along by Da'Salt Water Spray, as it will enhance your curls shape but give you the benefit of being able to control them too. You can also tie your hair back, either with a man bun or a low-lying pony-tail – just be sure to use a product to tame any flyaway strands.

Long Hair

If you are blessed with long curly hair, do not be shy about showing off your mane. Although labour intensive in terms of conditioning treatment when you wash your hair, your tresses need to be regularly trimmed to keep split ends at bay. Ask your barber to introduce some longer length layers to stop your hair falling straight, and apply a small amount of wax for extra curl definition and to fight the fizz.

Want your hair to look just like Jason Momoa's hairstyle above check out this awesome video from Chameleon's Eye on how to achieve a natural beachy wave on your hair even with straight hair. 

Video courtesy of Chameleon's Eye.

Your grandma was right: people do pay a fortune to get the same look that you have naturally occurring. With a good cut and using products that are going to help your curls maintain their bounce and shape, your curly hair can be just as versatile as other hair textures.

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