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Hairstyles for Older Men

Angelika Young

If you think back to when your father was your age, the chances are high that you are very different men. With fifty being the new forty, it means that suddenly preconceived ideas about how men of a certain age should look, behave and be, have shifted. What worked as a hairstyle in your 30s may not carry the same appeal now. Not only does your hairline change, but so does the color and texture and your hairstyle now should take these points into consideration.

You may have had the same hairstyle for years and be searching for a way to update your look to a more contemporary style. Look no further. Here are some incredible styles that go beyond self-set limits.

The Side Parting

You can give your hair volume by drying the short and medium length hair away from your head, and styling with a relaxed but defined side parting. Use products to maintain volume and shape the texture to create a contemporary twist on the traditional side parting.

The Quiff

Ok, so this might not be your first idea of having a fresh hairstyle, but a quiff is a great way to add volume and shape to hair that is having the urge to lie flat against your head. Rather than disguising a change in the hairline, a quiff takes the attention away from it. 

The modern quiff is not as severe as traditional ones; it has softer and more tapered edges so that it looks more natural rather than over-styled. Again, you will need a product to maintain its shape, and Da'Hair Spray is one that holds the style without causing the tell-tale signs of hairspray having been used: hardness and stiffness.

Longer hair

Ordinarily, hairstyles for older men are shorter and cropped, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Longer hair can look just as fashionable! You just need to make sure that you don’t look dishevelled. Use products to tame your locks and enhance any curl that you have for a groomed but relaxed look.

For longer hair, the trick is to keep it well maintained and healthy looking and be aware that if it becomes thinner, you may need to trim it or use products to restore the volume and rejuvenate the texture.

Watch this video by thatsNathan on how to style your outgrown hair

The Pompadour

You will probably be familiar with the pompadour – the favored hairstyle of hipsters and millennials. The pompadour is similar to the rockabilly style with short back and sides but longer lengths on top that can be styled. It’s a classic style, but you may want to keep the sides slightly more tapered than going full hog for an undercut. It’s a versatile option that can be adapted to suit your confidence levels! 

Keep in mind that just because your hair shape, color, and texture has changed over time, your hairstyle should be adjusted to accommodate these changes, but by addressing these challenges and working with the changes, rather than against, you will be able to achieve a fresh look that you love.

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