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The 5 Best Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

Angelika Young

Struggling to style your super thick hair? No problem. With so many trendy hairstyles and products on the market these days, even the wildest tresses can be tamed into shape. Thick hair can be styled in numerous ways, whether you’re looking for a standout faux hawk or a low-maintenance crop. So, without further ado, here are some cuts and styles to request from your barber.

The textured crop

The messy, textured crop is a great way to style naturally thick hair. Not only is it versatile enough to wear for all occasions, but the distinctly short haircut is also easy to style and maintain. There are variables, of course: a front fringe can add texture to the cut, while a short crew cut will render thick hair a lot more manageable. If you want to look a little edgier, why not combine the French crop with faded back and sides, or perhaps add an undercut to create contrast? Once you’re happy with your cut, you can style it into shape with wax or clay.

The comb-over

The comb-over is a classic hairstyle that’s particularly suited to men with thick hair. While the style in its modern format is a play on the “short sides, long top” trend, you can basically make it your own using a choice of skin fades or a low taper comb-over. Your barber should leave around 2 to 3 inches of hair on top, which allows plenty of scopes for you to create the quiff, faux hawk, or pompadour, of your dreams.

The quiff

Common among men with thick hair, the quiff is a great way to create some volume while still keeping your hair in a set style. A fade or undercut will allow the styled look on the top to stand out in contrast to shorter sides, resulting in a sexy, masculine look. You don’t need to worry if your hair won’t lie super smooth: the best quiff hairstyles are the ones with a messy, textured appearance. Simply run some product through the hair on top and blow-dry it into place. Finish with Da’Dude Da’Hair Spray to keep your quiff in place.

 The slick back

Another timeless look, the slicked back hairstyle works for all hair types and face shapes. There are many ways to go about achieving this look, from a slicked back undercut to shaved sides, and they all look smart and sophisticated whether your thick hair is straight or curly. However, to slick back especially thick hair, you’ll need some strong wax to keep the style in place, such as Da’Dude’s Da'Wax. If you have lots of frizz or strays, you may want to use extra product to pull back all of your hair.


The faux hawk

The faux hawk is an excellent option for men who crave an edgy cut but don’t want a full mohawk. Rather than having shaved sides, most guys shape a faux hawk from hair down the middle of the head, while tapered sides bring that much-needed contrast to complete the look. To get a faux hawk, ask your barber to fade the sides of your hair and leave a few inches of length on top. The trick is to style the faux hawk by spreading wax all over the hair, and then pushing it up towards the middle, creating a pointed center.

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