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Da'Dude Beauty YoungHair The-Root-Fix Home Retouch Root-Touch-Up-Spray Temporary Black 125ml


YoungHair The-Root-Fix Home Retouch Root-Touch-Up-Spray Temporary Black 125ml

£ 12.99 GBP £ 13.99 GBP

Available only in the UK and Germany

BLACK coloured temporary hair spray
  • ✅ GREY HAIR COVER UP WITHIN SECONDS - Always look your best with this quick and easy grey root cover spray. Enjoy superior results. Much better than time-consuming and cumbersome mascaras, powders, dye sticks or brushes.
  • ✅ EXCEPTIONAL LARGE 125ml SIZE - Gives you greater value and saves you money. Small enough to carry in your handbag. Magic retouch your hair at your own convenience. And save money by increasing the time between salon visits.
  • ✅ HEALTHIER THAN PERMANENT DYES! Give your hair and scalp a rest from harsh chemical treatments. Free from mineral oils, petrolatum, and parabens.
  • ✅ AVOID UNNECESSARY STAINS WITH THE SPECIAL SPRAY-HEAD - Discover how holding the bottle horizontal or vertical switches the dispersal from narrow to wide. Perfect way to direct the root spray right up to your hairline.
  • ✅ WASHES OUT EASILY! This temporary hair root touch up is not for everyone. Perfect, only if you are looking for a fast fix that shampoos out easily when you shower. And a when you value a hair root cover-up whenever you desire it - give it a try now!

The Root Fix is the perfect solution between colourings because its pinpoint micro diffuser precisely targets unwanted greys with rich fine pigments.

Please note, this product provides a temporary colour for your roots and will wash out the next time you shampoo you hair.

We have designed the aperture of the spray so you can control how the coloured spray is dispersed. Holding the bottle vertically gives a narrow spray coverage, as opposed to holding it horizontally

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