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Shipping within Europe Guidelines

Fulfilled by Amazon

We use Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment facility in fulfilling your order in the website. This means that the order will come from the Amazon warehouse nearest you. This only applies to ONE order within EUROPE. Currently we have UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain where our stocks are stored.

2 or more orders will fall under Shipping Outside Europe .

Delivery Time

Normally, it takes 5-7 business days to deliver your order via shipping determined by Amazon. After a couple of days, we check Amazon to get your tracking number and send it to you via email or sms (if you registered to our sms notification). In some instances, there is no tracking number so you just have to wait for the order to be delivered on or before the estimated date of delivery. In some cases where the order still do not arrive within the estimated time frame, we ask you to wait for another 10 days as there might be some circumstances in Amazon or in the courier that's causing the delay.

Shipping Outside Europe Guidelines

Orders outside Europe

We also deliver our products to orders outside Europe. We have partnered with a third party courier service located in UK and they deliver the product via Royal Mail Standard Delivery. This kind of shipping does not have a tracking number feature so we can only wait for the order to arrive within the time frame indicated below.

Delivery Time

Normally, it takes 14 business days to deliver your order via Royal Mail Standard Shipping. Royal mail will deliver the items to your local post and your local post will be the one who will deliver it to your address.

In some instances, delivery takes up to 3-4 weeks depending on how fast the delivery time of your local post is. We have no control over the delivery at this period because it is already in the hands of your local post and we have no tracking number to track the whereabouts of the order.

Failure to Deliver

In cases that your order did not arrive within 4 weeks, you can contact us using our Contact Us page or you can chat directly in our online chat just below the website or you can email .

Improving Our Delivery Service

Currently, we are trying to improve our delivery status outside Europe. So we are asking for your patience and consideration. If you have thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our services, please feel free to contact us at the in the details provided above.

Aerosol Container Shipping Guidelines

Unfortunately, we can only deliver products that have aerosol container within UK and selected European countries (Germany, France, Italy and Spain). Da'Hair Spray and The Root Fix have an aerosol container and due to its nature that it is flammable, it is mostly banned from airports and other shipping facilities.

What is the risk of using Da'Dude?

Firstly, our cost iron hundred percent, no quibble, money back guarantee means there is really no risk that you will not be satisfied with Da'Wax. All our products have been tested according to EU standards and we are committed to provide outstanding customer service. Try us without risk, knowing we give a hundred percent no quibble money back guarantee. At the end of the day, we want to make you a loyal customer who buys from us again and again trusting in the Da'Dude brand and eager to purchase new products as they become available. We are nothing without satisfied customers that is why we bend over backwards to please.

It doesn't surprise me that you haven't heard of Da'Dude because it's a new brand started by YoungHair in Sweden.

We have chosen the Amazon platform to launch our products strategically. That allows us to have direct contact with you and all our customers. So whenever you buy our products, you automatically receive a series of our emails that opens up a dialogue to make sure that you are happy with our product. You may have not heard about us but those of you who have been fortunate to try our products can boast about having a memorable experience that makes us feel proud.

Is Da'Wax expensive? That's a question worth addressing in detail.

Firstly, anything we label cheap or expensive needs to be compared with objects in the same class. You know, comparing apples with apples as the saying goes. So comparing Da'Wax with other top quality brands like Hanz De Fuko, By Vilain, Aveda, Label M., Shu Uemura, Hairbond, Da'Wax is competitively priced.

Secondly, it's important to assess value for money. With Da'Wax you get a hundred milliliters and only need a tiny tiny bit of wax. Probably only half the amount on each application compared to other popular brands. As a result, Da'Wax will last you twice as long! Even though it might cost you twice as much as the top selling brands on Amazon.

In summary, Da'Wax is competitively priced as well as giving you great value for money because "a little bit goes a long way."

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