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How Much Hair Wax Should You Use to Get the Best Results

Angelika Young

Many men make the same mistake of applying too much product. Applying too much product can weigh down your hair or make it appear unnatural and greasy.

How much hair wax you use will depend on four factors:

  • The length of your hair
  • Your intended hair style
  • The type of products you’ve chosen

To effectively cover every base, take a look at the tips below in order…

The Length of Your Hair

If you have short hair, you will not need to use as much product as a man with long hair, as there will be less hair to cover. While this might sound self-explanatory, many men tend to make this mistake. Using too much product can ultimately make a person’s hair appear greasy and unnatural.

If you’re a guy with a short hair style, you more than likely will not need more than a fingertip amount. If you have longer hair it's still a good idea to start with fingertip amount, and reapply more product if needed.  Layering your hair wax is a better solution than applying too much product in one go. This is because it will provide you with more control over your style.

The Intended Hairstyle

The amount of wax you apply will determined by the hairstyle, length of your hair and the hold you will need. Typically, the more product you use, the more hold you will enjoy.  Make sure you don’t apply too much, or it will weigh your hair down.

Generally, if you have a flat hairstyle less product is needed compared to if you want to add volume to your hair. If you want to add more lift into your style, you’ll probably need more than a fingertip of wax. If you don’t add enough, you might experience many fly-aways due to your hair falling out of position.

You’ll also need a considerable amount of product if your aim is more of an extreme look. Attempting a Mohawk? Work with more product to achieve this look. Then apply Da’Hair Spray to finish off the look.

The Product Type

The type of product you’re working with can affect how your hair ends up looking. There are various products that work differently, such as clays and creams.

What should you consider when buying a product?

  • The hold of the product
  • Its stickiness

The stickiness of a product can help you to work out how much you use. As a sticky product will offer greater hold, you will not need to use much to achieve your desired hairstyle.

In most cases, you’ll need to use no more than a fingertip of product, but if your hair is longer, you’ll need to apply more. Be careful! The danger of using a sticky product is the more product you apply, the harder it will be to style your hair.

In general, a hair clay will offer a smoother consistency, meaning you can apply more product to your hair. Please be aware you will  have to use a lot to get a strong enough hold. This can be a great product for beginners who want to layer their hair, but you’ll quickly get through the pot. Instead, you should opt for Da’Wax, which offers a super strong hold, so you won’t need to apply a considerable amount.


Use a Pre-styler

Another factor you’ll need to consider is if you’ve pre-styled your hair. This means applying a styling product that will add volume into your hair, such as Da'Salt Water Spray. After applying your pre-styler dry your hair with a blow dryer before using any type of wax. The benefits of pre-styling? It can provide your hair with greater volume and texture.

For example, you won’t need to apply much styling product to shape your hair, because it will already be in place. If you fail to pre-style your hair, you might find it lacks volume, and you need to use considerably more product.

If you have pre-styled your hair, use no more than half a fingertip amount. If you don’t pre-style, you’ll more than likely need to use double that amount to style your hair.

When choosing and applying a hair wax, you should seriously consider the above four factors. However, your needs can vary for multiple reasons, as there isn’t an amount that fits all. After all, your hair type could determine how much product you use. Men with thicker hair will most likely need to use more product than those with fine or thinning hair.



Check out this cool video by Ben Arthur to get the best results from your hair products. 

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