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About Us - Our Philosophy and Mission

As a professional hairdresser and salon owner, our brands YoungHair and Da'Dude  has been a dream that has become true! A dream that grew out of my family's 50 years of creating beauty out of the human hair in a salon in a small surfing coastal town of Varberg, Sweden.

Our Philosophy

We are all beautiful. It is our birthright. The style of your hair your hair frames your face so when you look in a mirror you can easily see you are a living miracle. Recognising your beauty first, allows you more readily focus on the beauty that is all around you. And spend your day glowing with confidence. Radiating your personal beauty with greater love and understanding.


Our mission is to create exceptional hair products for men and women in great packaging (we kindly ask you to keep and reuse when empty) that can withstand the elements of sun, wind, and rain. 

We are committed to making sure our products are the best in the marketplace, so you look and feel great all-day-long.

We care about you and we are Gary & Angelika Young - Da'Dudewilling to go that extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with any of our products

Connect With Us
If I can be of service to you, like giving advice on how to get the best results using our product(s), do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here.  

Whether you buy from us directly (we obviously would love you too!) I thank you for taking the time to consider what we offer.


Angelika Young Signature YoungHair AB Ltd

Co-Founder of DA'DUDE and YoungHair Brands

"We believe in a hair revolution – a path to loving yourself more, so you can be more loving to others."


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