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The Best Men’s Haircuts for Common Face Shapes 2018

Angelika Young

Listen, we know it can be confusing to navigate the different styles, haircut terms, and guard sizes for men. Should you opt for a buzz cut or a crew cut? And what’s the difference between a quiff and a pompadour? You could ask your barber, of course, but that would mean admitting you're not down with the latest styles.

Even trickier than distinguishing a French crop from a crew cut is knowing which haircut suits your face shape. That’s right, us guys all look a bit different, and some styles are best suited to particular face shape.

There are no hard and fast rules, of course, and you should ultimately choose whichever haircut you like. However, how we think a style will look and how it actually looks are sometimes two different things, which can be embarrassing.

This guide could stop you from making a haircut faux pas that you'll look back on and cringe, so let’s get started.

What’s your face shape?

First things first, you need to know your face shape, determined by the shape of your head and the placement of your facial features. To do this, you’ll need a mirror, a bar of soap, and a comb. Trust us on this one.

  1. Pull the hair away from your face using the comb, or hold it back over your head so you can see your face.
  2. Look at your reflection and outline the shape of your face using the soap on the glass. Try not to move your head unless you want a funky shaped head!
  3. Use the drawing as a guide to determine your head shape. If you’re not sure if you’ve got more of a round face or an oval, then read on.

Check out this awesome video on How to find a HAIRSTYLE that suits your face shape.


Oval face shapes 

If your face is round but long, then you’re an oval. This means your face is longer than your cheekbones and your forehead is wider than your jaw. So which haircut is best? 

If you’re oval-faced, you might want to avoid fringes, crops, and bangs as they will emphasize the roundness of your face. Instead, you’ll want to create some volume and length on top to elongate your features. A comb-over, slicked-based undercut, or pompadour would be perfect to bring balance to your face shape, just be sure to style it with Da’Wax for extra strong hold.


Square face shapes

Square faced men have broad, square jaws and high cheekbones. If you have a square-shaped face, your cheekbones should be set approximately as far apart as the widest point of your jaw and your features symmetrical. Lucky you! 

The best hairstyles for squares (sorry, we couldn't help it) are those with softer lines that bring texture, such as a textured pompadour. If you want to accentuate your strong, symmetrical features, you can opt for a classic side parting instead. 

Check out this cool video from Ben Arthur on how to achieve a side part hairstyle. 

Round face shape

A round face shape has equal width and length, without sharp cheekbones or a defining jawline. If you’ve got a round face, a more angled, asymmetrical haircut will elongate your head and flatter your features, such as a swept-over fringe or comb-over. Short back and sides are also a strong look, as they lengthen the face without widening the head.

Whichever haircut you choose, be sure to give it definition and hold with one of our superior styling products. Better yet, join our VIP club and receive exclusive discounts and free stuff. 

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