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Da'Dude Manufacturer's Rebate Club


The Da'Dude Manufacturer's Rebates Club is the home of...well, getting incredibly good rebates on top-rated new releases from Da'Dude which will be able to get from Amazon.

You see, when we release new products, we need your help to spread the word on social media (known as 'word of mouth'). This helps them get the word out into the marketplace about our great new products ...and in exchange, we offer huge rebates. In exchange for this AMAZING rebates, you agree to give shout-out on Facebook and, or Instagram about the products.

It's a win-win ... and a chance for YOU to get unheard-of manufacturer's rebates on our amazing products!

Would you like to get 80-100% Manufacturer's
Rebates on Top Products?

Da'Dude Manufacturer's Rebate is a private membership. To get access to 80-100% rebates, youn agree to participate on the following ways:

  • Share Your Feelings About the Product on Facebook and, or Instagram. When you take advantage of a 80-100% off rebate on a product from Amazon, you agree to post about the product on Facebook and, or Instagram. Post a photo and what you liked about it, to help us generate a "buss" in the marketplace, After all, that's the reason why we are offering you HUGE discounts. It's a win-win!


  • Rebates Paid Back to You Within 31 Business Days by PayPal. Unlike other rebate programs where it can often take MONTHS to get your rebte ... we pay you back within 31 business days after your product ships from Amazon! Now that's fast! We use PayPal because it's so fast and convenient - which means that having a PayPal account is mandatory for acceptance into our club (we don't mail checks so as to keep our costs down and pass on these savings ton our club members!)


  • Get Back 80 - 100% of Your Purchase Price! There are INSANELY great deals awaiting for you. When you take advantage of any deals we have in stall for you, you get paid back your rebate fast. (Shippingn and Handling fees charged by Amazon are not refundablem since we have nothing to do with what those websites may charge you. Shipping is FREE of you're Amazon PRIME.access to 80-100% rebates, youn agree to participate on the following ways:



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