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Best Hair Products for your French Crop

Thom Olden French Crop French crop hairstyle French crop high fade French crop low fade French crop taper

The French crop is a classic hairstyle for men. It’s a versatile cut that is short in terms of the back and sides but kept slightly long on top – and this is what makes it such a great style. The longer hair on the top can be styled in several different ways: combed back, styled to the side, or pushed over the forehead. The versatility of this cut makes it the ideal hairstyle solution for men of all ages, face shapes and personal styles.  

If you want a manageable hairstyle that requires less maintenance than a pompadour or quiff, the French crop is the ideal for a contemporary cool cut.

How to customise your French crop

Hair Cut with Longer Length on Top

Just because it’s a short hairstyle does not mean that you can’t customise it to inject some of your personality and style. If you crave more versatility from your hairstylist, ask them to leave the hair on top at a slightly longer length. The longer lengths on top are screaming for styling!

  • Fringe

Although the fringe of your French crop can be short, there are different options for you. You can choose a blunt, ragged or straight fringe that can be used to frame your face when you style the fringe to fall over your face. The benefit of the French crop is that you have various options for styling your parting and forelock. You can update your look to suit your day. A smart day in the office or catching a game with your mates, use products to style and maintain your hair easily in the way that you want.

  • Add Volume

Just because you have thin or thinning hair does not mean that you must accept the situation. Use hair wax to introduce to reinvigorate your hair and add volume. Use a small amount initially and add more as you need it. It’s easier to add more than having to wash your hair and start again! Just because you have chosen a more maintenance friendly hairstyle in the French crop, doesn’t mean that you can’t style it in quiffs and side partings.

  • Add texture

If you want to add texture to your hair but want it to retain its movement, try using Da'Salt Water Spray. You can control your hair’s style without restricting its natural tendencies. It’s a great way to enhance your hair’s natural look while still having control. Just remember to balance between the back, sides and top for maximum impact.

Check out this cool video by thatsNathan on how to add volume and texture to your hair.

  • Fade

For a contemporary twist on the classic French Crop, ask your stylist about fades. Fades are when a stylist cuts the hair so that there is little or no hair at the back and sides, but as you move to the top of the head, the hair gets longer – so that the hairline is faded. There are different types of fades, but the most regular ones are high fade or low fade. High fades are more extreme with the hair being removed from within 2 inches from the top of the head; low fades are more tapered, with the hair extending with a taper cut to the nape of the neck.

French crops are a classic cut for men. They are adaptable, low maintenance and easy to style. Don’t let their timeless and traditional appeal put you off. You can add a contemporary twist with a fade and personalised style that will suit any look.

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