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Tips for Fine Hair

Angelika Young

Fine hair can be tricky business. Many men with fine hair may think they're balding or receding. If you can see your scalp or it seems that your hair is receding it is more likely that you have fine hair.

Don’t worry you will be happy to learn it’s still possible to make your hair appear both thick and full each and every day! Below are some suggestions to help you get through the day without worrying about your hair.

What is Fine Hair?

Fine hair relates to the actual thickness of hair you are growing. You should only be looking out for thinning hair if you had more hair five years ago than what you have right now.

If your hair is fine, don’t worry, it can be incredibly flexible. In fact, with fine hair, you can do much more than your thicker-haired compadres can.

How to have your Haircut

With fine hair, it is better to have it cut short on the back and sides, keep the hair longer on the top. Keeping the hair longer on top will allow you to create volume, which can make your hair appear thicker.

Make sure your hairdresser stays away from the thinning scissors. These help to add more texture, which is great for thick hair but should be avoided if you have fine hair.

Blow Dry Hair and use a Pre-Styler

Before styling your hair, it does help to use a blow dryer and pre-styler. This will help add volume to your hair so it looks thicker and fuller. The blow dryer with a round brush or comb will help you add volume to your hair. You can also add a pre-styler like Da'Salt Water Spray as this will add texture as well as volume. If your blow dryer has heat settings it can help to finish on a cooler setting to help set the hair into place.

Hair Styling Products

While you can use almost any styling products, there are some that are more suitable for men with fine hair.

Clay, mousse or cream are products that work well when used with a hairdryer. One great product to apply to your hair is Da’Wax! This will provide you with a super-strong hold, so you don’t need to apply too much of it to style your hair.

If you need an extra strong hold you can also apply Da'Hairspray. However, avoid touching your hair when it is wet from the hairspray, or it will mess up your style.

Avoid wet-look gels! They can potentially make your hair appear as if it is thinning because you can see into your scalp.

Check out this brilliant video by Ben Arthur on which product to choose for guys with fine hair. 

Maintaining Your Hair

It’s recommended that that finer hair should have their back and sides cut every two or three weeks. Deal with the top every five to seven weeks. Why is this? In general, thinner hair will lose its shape along the sides first.  

It might also be beneficial to wash your hair less, as it can make your hair appear thinner than it is if you wash too often. You also should finish a shower with a burst of cold water, which will help to expand the hair and pump it up. It is also very good for your body and will definitely wake you up to finish with a burst of cold water.

Thicker fuller hair each day is no longer a pipe dream. Follow the helpful tips above, and you will feel confident no matter what your hair thickness is.

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