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Best Haircuts and Haircut Names for Men 2018

Angelika Young best hairstyles 2018 hairstyle names 2018

Confused by haircut names and types? You’re not the only one. With so many new styles hitting the barbershop, it’s tough to know what to ask your barber. However, knowing the right haircut names and terms could be the difference between you walking out of the barber with a fresh new style, or having a permanent bad hair day.

Luckily, we’ve got your back. From the comb-over to the man bun, we’ve got the low-down on those trendy hairstyles every guy needs to know about to remain on-trend.

The faux hawk

Love the look of a mohawk but don’t want to go the whole hog? Enter the faux hawk, a popular cut for guys who don’t want to grow their hair too long or shave the sides. This haircut imitates the mohawk using a long section of hair running across the middle of the head.

The comb-over fade

Paired with a faded crop on the sides, the comb-over has made a sexy comeback in recent years. This style requires medium-length hair on top, combed to the side. Just make sure to lift as you brush so your hair doesn't fall flat. 

The slick back

Slick Back Hair

Another classic look that’s undergone a modern resurgence is the slicked back style. Using our Da’Dude hair wax, this super slick look can be achieved for most guys with around 3 inches of hair or more.

The buzz cut 

If you’re looking for a low-key style, the buzz cut is about as practical as it gets. For a simple, masculine look, ask your barber for a number one.

The crew cut

Second place in the shortness stakes is the crew cut: a military look that never goes out of style. Defined by the faded short back and sides, the hair on top is left a little bit longer, but the overall cut is tidy and easy to maintain.

The side part

A super stylish variation on the comb-over, the side part cut involves separating your hair into two sides with a comb and then shaping it around the face.

The French crop

The French crop (also known as the textured crop) is similar to a crew cut but with an even fringe added to the front. A smart, stylish look, this is one of the most popular short styles of 2018.

The man bun

Guy with a Man Bun

The man bun is without a doubt one of the most popular long hairstyles for men in recent years. Long hair obviously requires more maintenance than a shorter cut, but the man bun offers the perfect solution for getting those long locks away from your face. For guys with long hair, the style is easy to create with just a hair tie.

The topknot

Like the man bun, the topknot also involves tying your hair back. The topknot, however, is tied at the top of the head (as the name suggests), whereas the man bun is secured at the crown or neckline. Many guys choose to have a topknot with shaved sides, which can accomplish the hipster look with flair.

Whichever haircut or style you choose, make sure you’ve got the right products for the job. Check out our shop and find Da’Dude Da’Wax, Da’Hairspray for Men, and other products to secure your style.

Watch this awesome video by Ben Arthur on how much hair product you actually need to style your hair.

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