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How to Apply Hair Wax for Men to get a Professional Look

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Do you need to know how to apply hair wax to get a professional look?

Many of us may use hair wax every day, without giving much thought to how we actually use it. Hair wax can be used to create a clean-cut, polished look that lasts all day. If you don’t know where to start when styling, you, and your hair, could be missing out! Below are some hints and tips so you can get the best out of your hair wax, to give you the professional look you are aiming for. Keep your hair top notch and sophisticated all day long with this handy guide.

Hair wax is a popular hair styling product, as, unlike many water-based products, waxes do not dry hard. What does this mean? It means you can adapt and play with your style throughout the day. Whatever look you are going for, it is possible with hair wax.

There are many tips and tricks you need to know about using wax in your hair styling routine. Here’s how to use hair wax for that sought-after, professional, tidy sleek look.

Top Tip: It’s always best to have freshly washed hair to start creating your professional look. If you blow dry your hair, use a pre-styler if possible, as this will give your hair both lift and volume that can really help your overall look.

How to Apply Hair Wax

Always start with a small amount

It can be tempting to go all-in with the wax when you are trying out a professional look. Avoid this at all costs! This will create lumps and bumps in your hair which will be tricky to remove. Rather, use a layering technique and start with a pea-sized amount. This may seem like not very much, but less is more when it comes to hair wax, as you can always add more and layer, then gradually build your look.

Warm up the wax before use

Warm the wax up in your hands before use. This can make it more manageable to work with, meaning you can create the style you’re after more cleanly, instead of working with a hard, stubborn product that won’t work with your hair.

Start with the surface of your hair

Hair Styling Wax for Men

To slowly incorporate the wax into your hair in the most natural way possible, slightly skim the surface of your hair with your wax-coated hands. This will give an initial layer of wax to work with to help mould your professional look.

The styling process

This is where you can really go to town and start creating your desired look. You have prepared your hair, and now, using your hands, really work in the product. This is where you can work to create a more formal look. By working it in naturally with your hands, you can create a polished finish, that is neither saturated nor sticky. You don’t want to be distracted from your meeting or important event by greasy looking hair. This is why wax is good to work with – it can achieve and maintain that sleek neat look minus the grease factor!

Add more wax if necessary

It is at this point you should add more wax if needed. This really depends on the individual and how your hair looks at the time. If you’re happy with it, don’t go overboard! However, if you think a little more work needs doing, take a small amount, warm it up, and go back to styling. The length and style of you hair will make a difference to how to apply hair wax to you hair, but it's always best to start will a little bit of wax and add more if needed.

Neaten and style

Remember to get rid of any pesky stray hairs that are noticeable. Using your hands again, very lightly catch stray hairs and place them where you want through using your hand, flattened out. Do this very lightly, with the smallest amount of wax. You’re ready to go!

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How To Remove Wax From Your Hair

You will need to work at your hair to properly remove any wax, as it is not water based.

Follow the tips below to remove it effectively:

  • Start by wetting the hair through with hot water

  • Apply and massage hair conditioner, this will help remove the wax

  • Rinse off the conditioner and apply shampoo

  • Rinse and repeat if necessary

Hair Wax for Men

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