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How to Style a Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

Angelika Young

Want to rock a pompadour? Of course, you do. This modern variation on the classic hair-do is one of the most popular looks on the high street. However, combing and styling a pompadour can feel like a challenge, especially if you don’t have hours to prune your locks before leaving the house.

Thanks to us, your hair woes are over. Our handy guide will give you a pompadour education, including how to comb your hair into the right shape and the best products to use to keep your style in place from morning ‘till night. So grab your Da’Dude Da’ Wax, and get ready to make your hair into a pomp!

What is a pompadour? 

Before you transform your hair into a sexy style, let’s look at how this do’ came to be so popular in the first place. The classic men’s pompadour was first fashionable in the 1950s and 60s. You may or may not remember the style in its heyday; the pompadour is popular with men of all ages, after all. 

Elvis Presley - Classic Pompadour Hair Style

Whether or not you’ve heard the term, you’ve more than likely spotted the style, as the retro pomp has undergone a modern resurgence, and is now being styled by barbers up and down the country. The pompadour consists of short hair on the sides,   with longer hair (usually around 3 to 5 inches) on top, swept back in a pomp. There are variations on the theme, of course: some guys go for shaved, buzzed sides, whereas others prefer a gentle scissor cut to soften the look. Some brave folk even opt for a sharp pompadour undercut. So, whatever your style, there’s a pompadour look to suit you. 

How to style a pompadour

Styling and maintenance are the pillars of the pompadour, and it’s important to use the right products for the job. Here’s how to achieve this eye-catching style:

  1. It’s best to style a pompadour with damp, towel-dried hair. If your hair is particularly thick or difficult to shape, you can add a small amount of Da’Wax now. Otherwise, you can wait to apply the product later.
  2. Using a blow dryer, comb your hair and back over your head to create your pomp. Focus on adding to the front of the hair, while brushing the sides back.
  3. At the point where your hair is almost dry, use a brush to hold the longer hair in the front up, as this will help shape the pompadour. Continue to blow dry in that position to maintain the height and volume you desire, until you are happy with the look.
  4. Now you have your pompadour! To refine the look and make sure it stays in place, use more Da’Wax. To do this, you’ll want to rub it between your hands to warm it up, and then apply it lightly over your style.
  5. Add Da’Hair Spray to the front of the hairstyle for a super strong hold that lasts all day.

Check out this cool video by Ben Arthur on how you could increase your hair volume using a pre-styler to help achieve your desired pomp! 

So, that’s it. You’re now a pompadour rockin’ dude. Don’t forget to join our VIP club for discounts on our products and free stuff galore. 

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