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The New YoungHair Brand for Women from Sweden

Angelika Young YoungHair

Following the success of the DA'DUDE brand for men, we have decided to launch a new brand YoungHair for women in January 2017.

At first, we were reluctant to move into the highly competitive field of hair products for women, but we saw there was a gap in the market for temporary colored hairspray. Plus, we found that a lot of women were buying our hairspray and salt water spray that was designed for men.

The truth of the matter, when it comes down to hair,  all products work equally well for both sexes. What determines a good product for your hair, is the length, quality, and your desired hairstyle. Although, women in general have a greater experience of hair products because they use them often throughout their lives.

Our YoungHair brand represents the cutting edge of new generation of hair care for women. With a background of running my own hair salon, I believe all of our products must have a high professional standard, and look good on your shelf.

Introducing YoungHair, a limited collection of hair products for women that reflects the latest trends in hairdressing to enable you to create contemporary styles, shapes and texturizes - so you look GREAT all day long.


For the latest updates and upcoming promotions like our Facebook Page @DaDudehair and follow us on Instagram @dadudehair.

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