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Are Men Really Using Hair Spray?

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It seems males using hairspray is on the rise. There are gels and hair waxes that work well in keeping your hair right where you want it and were once quite popular.  Now it seems hairspray is the first option when looking for the balance of volume and hold. Some people ask the question should men, in fact, be using hairspray?

While its counterparts of gels, waxes, and clays are not as common, the query is why are men choosing to place a men’s hairspray in their bathroom instead of the other common products on the market.

What Does Hairspray Actually Do When talking about hair products, it is uncommon for men to start bragging about styling spray Is hairspray bad for your hair? What does it actually offer for your hair?

Hairspray contains polymers which add volume and hold to the hair. Hairsprays are more mother nature-friendly than they used to be. Hairspray can also dry your hair out quite a lot, so it is recommended not to use it unless you need to. And then only use sparingly. Men are using hairspray to create a voluminous look with thinning hair, helps to tame out of control frizz and will last all day, no need to reapply.

There is men’s hairspray that is suited to different hairstyles and hair textures so you won’t be disappointed in finding a product to suit your hair. Best Hairspray for Fine Hair Men’s hair can start thinning quite rapidly sometimes. When this happens, you don’t want to be using thick gels. A light spray of hairspray does the job without the weight pulling down your hair and adding extra stress to the follicles.

If you are just looking to tame some wild strands, you can spray the hairspray onto your hands and then run your fingers through the strands to settle them down. It is easy to create different looks with hairspray. It’s easy to create the look then spray to set in place. With gels and waxes, you need to apply first then build the hairstyle and wait for it to set.

Check out this quick tutorial on how to properly apply a hairspray. 

It can be difficult to work with the gel already in the hair, so hairspray works well for hairs styling. You don’t need to keep track of the expiration date of hairsprays as long as it's kept upright and out of direct sunlight, it will last for ages.

Hairsprays that are being used today actually offer benefits to your hair. Most hairspray for men now have added vitamins for your hair to avoid drying your hair out to much. Which is perfect for thin and fine hair. However you choose to use hairspray, there is no right or wrong way but by reading up on how to use hairspray for men the specific style you are going for can make sure you are getting the most out of your hairspray. 

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