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Da’ Power Powder and How to Use It

Angelika Young

Hair powder is one of the most versatile men’s hair products available. It can add structure and hold, without weighing your hairstyle down. Da’Power Powder is the latest product from Da’Dude and is designed for maximum performance and ease of use.

Why Use A Hair Powder?

Volume: The primary function of powder is to add volume to your hairstyle. It helps to add fullness and bounce to flat, limp hair. This makes it especially useful if you have thin hair.

Hold and control: Hair powder increases the density of your hair, making it feel thicker. As a result, you can achieve a lightweight, but surprising, hold without the need for a wax-style product. You’ll also notice a reduction in the number of fly-away hair strands.

Mattifying effect: Worried about your hair looking greasy? Hair powder absorbs excess oil, making it ideal for use on second-day hair, or to achieve a matte casual look.

How to Apply (For Best Results)

Da’Power Powder features a pump, which allows for easier and more accurate dispersal. You can use the product on both damp and dry hair, for optimal styling results, application on dry hair is preferable.

Step 1: Start with freshly washed hair. Either leave to air dry or use a hair dryer; for the best look possible, blow-dry in combination with Da’Salt Water Spray to enhance volume and texture. Use a brush to keep your hair in check during this step.

Step 2: Use the pump to apply 4-6 sprays of Da’Power Powder from around 10cm away, ensuring the whole head of hair has been lightly covered. For longer hair, lift sections of the hair and spray towards the roots.

Step 3: Using your fingertips, lightly massage the product down to the roots of the hair. This will reinforce the structure of your hairstyle.

Step 4: Style as desired.

Additional Step: For additional, more targeted hold, lift a section of the hair and spray another small amount from 5cm away. Then massage into the roots and re-style if required.

Following this, you can choose to then use an extra product, such as wax or hairspray, if you require even more hold; but in most cases, the above steps will provide great results. Alternatively, you can use the powder on previously styled hair, to mattify or revitalize your look. The small form factor of Da’Power Powder means you can easily take it with you for touch-ups on the go.

Check out this awesome tutorial by Ben Arthur on how to use a hair powder.


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