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Uppercut Deluxe versus Da'Wax Comparison

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What is the Best Hair Styling Wax out of Uppercut and Da'Dude

It is that time of year when you might be looking to change up your hairstyle ahead of the holiday season. Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect hair wax to buy the man in your life for Christmas. 

 I’ve got you covered with a comparison of two of the most popular hair styling products on the market - the ‘Da Wax’ by Da Dude, and the ‘Uppercut Deluxe Clay’. I’m going to cover everything from the packaging to the washability of the products to help you decide which one to spend your money on.


Uppercut Deluxe Pomade versus Da'Wax by Da'Dude Comparison

Which Has The Best Ingredients?

The Upper Deluxe is a clay-based wax with a minty scent that is fresh but seems more suited to toothpaste than a hair product. The product is not paraben-free as it contains methylparaben, which is a preservative that improves the shelf life of beauty products. There are also food colouring included in the ingredients list, which receive a legal disclaimer on the Amazon UK website

The Da Wax is paraben-free, and it uses beeswax as its base, which hydrates your hair and helps you achieve a sleek hairstyle.


Uppercut Deluxe versus Da'Wax Consistency Comparison

What About The Consistency?

The consistency of the Uppercut Deluxe is arduous to work with as a wax. It’s hard to the touch and requires some work to get it out of its container. The Uppercut Deluxe feels drying and takes a lot more working to get it massaged into your hands enough to apply it to your hair. The texture of this wax makes it harder to style your hair and can create a grittier look that isn’t as smooth as the Da Wax.

The Da Wax has a consistency that is a hybrid between a cream and paste, making it easy to massage before quickly applying it to your hair. You can style your hair in under 60 seconds, with no need for touch-ups throughout the day.

Which Has The Strongest Hold?

If you’re looking for a styling product that will give you the strongest hold, then the Uppercut Deluxe is not the product for you. It would work for a special event or wear if you are having a lazy day, but it wouldn’t be an ideal choice for everyday wear. The Uppercut Deluxe is designed - and marketed - as a product that you can rework throughout the day. 

If you have short hair, then you might be able to use this product to get a textured look, but you’ll struggle to get a semi-permanent hold. For longer hair, you would have to use a lot of wax to add structure to your hair, and this would likely leave your hair feeling rough and weighed down. 

Strong hold hair wax da wax

The Da Wax has one of the strongest holds on the market, and you can do just about anything with the wax in your hair. This hair wax can withstand going on even the fastest of rollercoasters. It is suitable for all hair types and only requires a pea-size amount to achieve a stronghold. You only need to apply this product once in the day, and the hold on your hair will stay all day. Da Wax is ideal for everyday wear, and it can perform under any conditions. 

What Is The Finish?

Uppercut Deluxe gives you a rough and textured appearance with a low shine. As the product is coarse and hard to massage before applying, you can get the wax stuck in your hair, or it can leave streaks behind if you overapply it. 

If you are looking for a wax with a smooth and matte finish, then you are better off with the Da Wax. It has a matte finish that adds volume and texture to your hair without making it appear greasy. Your hair will look healthy, fresh and perfectly style all day long. 

How Easy Is It To Wash Out?

Washability is an essential thing to keep in mind and is a point that we often overlook. A product can achieve a perfect hold in your hair, and then be a nightmare to wash out the next day. 

The Uppercut Deluxe is more problematic to wash out as it has a harder consistency, and it can be tough to remove from your hands after applying. Several reviews on Amazon say that the washability is so bad, that they have to clean their hands several times to get it removed. It may take several goes with shampoo to remove all of the product from your hair, which makes it unsuitable for daily use.

On the other hand, the first ingredient in the Da Wax is water, making it easy to wash out of your hair after use. You will have no problems applying it, and unlike the Uppercut Deluxe, it won’t stick to your hands. 

Packaging Comparison 

The packaging is always something that I like to consider when comparing products. The way a brand presents itself through its packaging is usually a reflection of the quality of the wax inside the tub. 

The Uppercut Deluxe Clay comes in a typical black container that you can find in the hair and beauty aisle at your local supermarket. If you want something that is both environmentally friendly and unique, then the Da Wax is perfect for you. The tub is bamboo, and it comes with a carrying case that you can use while travelling or going to the gym. You can save the tub and wash it out after using it to repurpose it for storage. 

Which Gives You The Best Value?

Depending on where you purchase your products, Da Wax and Uppercut Deluxe are available at a similar price, with only a small difference. What sets them apart is how much hair wax you get for your money.

You get 2.1 fluid ounces of product with the Uppercut Deluxe, whereas with Da Wax you get 3.38 fluid ounces of product. As well as getting less wax in the tub, you’ll also have to use more of the Uppercut Deluxe to get a hold in your hair. 

The Da Wax is hands down the better hair wax out of the two. It performs better in every aspect from ingredients through to packaging and its washability. You might be able to use the Uppercut Deluxe Clay if you want a short-term low shine wax, but the Da Wax outperforms it as a more versatile product. I wouldn’t recommend the Uppercut Deluxe as the wax is hard and you’ll likely spend more time trying to wash it off your hands than actually enjoying it in your hair.

Watch this Video by Ben Arthur to see how to apply hair wax for men.

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