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Toni & Guy vs Messy Salt Da Salt Water Spray Spray Comparison

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What is the Best Salt Water Spray for Men between Toni & Guy and Da'Dude?

Picking the perfect men’s hairstyling product can be a difficult task when there are so many products on the market to choose from. It’s easy to get distracted by attractive packaging without noticing the empty promises described on the label. That’s why today, we’re going to be comparing two of the top saltwater sprays that are currently being sold all around the world.  

We put each of the products through a series of tests to see which one will win against the other in an ultimate showdown. So, stick around to find out the final verdict. It's time to place your bets!

Round 1: The Scent of the Product

A lot of hair styling products on the market tend to have unappealing chemical smells. In this case, the Toni & Guy product gives off a manly scent comparable to a men's cologne that is slightly overpowering. However, it is also clean and fresh smelling, which gets points in our book. Da'Salt water spray, on the other hand, smells like coconuts and cream. If you can't make it to the beach, smelling this product will transfer you to the sun and sand with just one sniff! Imagine a nice cold pina colada as a product, and you have Da'Salt water spray.

Round 2: The Product

It's now time for the most essential part of the comparison –the actual product! To test out the product's ability, we tested it out on both long and short hair to see which one would perform better. Both products gave an excellent textured feel with a friendly beachy vibe to the hairstyle on short hair. However, the Da'Salt water spray held onto the hair for longer than the Toni & Guy spray, which ultimately highlights the Da'Salt water spray product's actual value in terms of practicality for everyday use.

When used on long hair, both products showcased the ability to provide a beachy look with a nice texture. However, Da'Salt water spray held the hair for longer and added a superior volume to the hair compared to Toni & Guy.

Round 3: Washing the Product Out of Your Hair

After a long day, the first thing you want to do is take a shower and get all that product out of your hair. Toni & Guy performed very well during the rinse test and was reasonably easy to remove with a bit of light scrubbing. The same can be said for Da'Salt water spray; however, a positive about this product is that it leaves the hair feeling conditioned after washing, which the Toni & Guy product does not offer.

Round 4: Best Value Salt Water Spray

Toni & Guy sells their salt spray on amazon for £5 for 200ml of product, which is an excellent price, seeing the brand is very popular. On the other hand, Da' Saltwater spray comes out around £14 for 250 ml. Although you are paying more, you are also getting more products to begin with. The quality of Da'Salt water spray is much higher than that of the Toni & Guy product.

The Verdict

Overall, both products did very well across each round. However, Da'Salt water spray is the real winner when it comes to the overall quality and performance. Albeit, at a higher price. But the old adage, says "you get what you pay for".

Salt Water Spray for Men by Da Dude

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