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What Is Hair Wax and How Does It Compare To Gel, Pomade and Clay?

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If you are thinking of updating your hair routine, then the first thing you'll be thinking of is the products that you use. Finding the best product that works with your hair type can revolutionise your everyday look. Some people use gels and pomades, while most stick to the tried and tested hair wax. We're going to help you understand why hair wax is one of the most popular beauty products for both men and women. By comparing hair wax to its gel, pomade and clay counterparts, we'll show you the benefits of using this product in your everyday routine.

What is Hair Wax?

Hair styling Wax

Hair wax is a styling product that uses wax to hold your hair in place. While most hair gels contain alcohol, which can quickly dry out, hair wax does not. Most of the wax used for hair products is either plant made or animal-derived. The type of wax will differ between brands, and it's always best to look for natural wax. The Da Wax by Da Dude uses beeswax, which helps hydrate your hair and gives you a smoother hold.

Did you know that hair wax is one of the oldest beauty products? The first type of hair wax was a soap-like product used by the Gauls, the inhabitants of the ancient region of Western Europe.

One of the benefits of hair wax is its versatility. By styling your hair with your fingers, you can style your entire head or focus on one section. You can also use it for touching up your hair throughout the day or for restyling in the evening. As this product doesn't include alcohol, it's safe to be used in your hair every day. Wax is much softer in your hair than other products, making it a lightweight styling solution. Your hair can still look bouncy and health with hair wax. You can add texture to your hair with hair wax, which you can massage between your fingers before applying to prevent your hair becoming stiff.

You can apply hair wax to both dry and wet hair, making it a beginner-friendly product. Massaging it between your fingers will make it more pliable and will help you style your hair quicker. The key to using hair wax is to use a pea-size amount of product.

For women, hair wax is perfect for creating asymmetrical hairstyles such as a side-swept fringe. If adding height is your goal, then you can achieve puffy hair with just a little wax without weighing down your hair.


What is Hair Gel?

Hair Gel

While hair wax is easy to work with and malleable, hair gel can become hard in your hair. Too much hair gel can quickly make it appear as though your hair is stuck together. Due to its consistency, hair gel gives a higher shine than other hair products, which can appear greasy. A gel is most often used to create a 'spike' in your hair and is popular amongst men for creating 'punk' inspired hairstyles.

Gel can work when you need a quick fix for your hair, but it won't give you the styling options that wax does. Gel is another hair product with an ancient history, as even research on Egyptian mummies has shown that they styled their hair with a fat-based hair gel. It was the first hair styling product marketed towards men over a century ago.

You can also use hair gel to sleek back your hair and tame flyaway. The main drawback of hair gel is how wet and greasy it can make your hair appear, which is why it's usually not a suitable choice for every day. The strength of hair gel will vary between products, and you might need to use several coats of the product depending on the strength of your gel.

While you can massage hair wax between your fingers, gel has a much more sticky consistency that you might struggle with applying. If you get caught in the rain, you can expect your hair gel to become sticky or lose its shape. Hair gel is a product you should avoid if you have a dry scalp, as it will build on top of your hair follicles.


What is Pomade?

Hair pomade

Pomade is similar to hair wax as it will hold your hair in place, but it has a higher shine than hair wax. It is a greasy product that adds shine and help sleek back your hair. Using too much pomade can quickly give a greasy appearance to your hair. Pomade does not dry down the same way that hair gel does, and it was most popular during the 1940s and 50s. The most popular style of the era was the "greaser" as pomade was oil-based, leaving a greasy texture to your hair.

One of the main drawbacks of pomade is that it is difficult to get out of your hair. I can take several washes to remove the pomade from your hair, meaning it isn't suitable for daily use. If you intend to use pomade regularly, then you will need to invest in a specialist shampoo to help remove it between uses.

Hair wax gives your hair a matte finish, whereas pomade will create a polished shine. If you want a more texture and natural-looking hairstyle, then hair wax will be more suitable for you than a pomade. Wax is more pliable than pomade, which is why most men opt for wax for daily styling.


What is Hair Clay?

Hair Clay

Hair clay is similar to wax as it will give your hair a natural look. While wax gives your hair a matte finish, clay gives it a dull appearance. The consistency of hair clay is more gritty and weighty, showing that you have a product in your hair. It can be easy to apply too much hair clay, as it can leave a residue behind, as well as leaving streaks of product in your hair.

Using hair clay will give you a medium hold at best, which may require touch-ups throughout the day to maintain your style. Hair clay tends to be one of the most expensive types of hair styling products, with a smaller amount of clay in each tub compared to wax or gel. Due to the nature of this product, hair clay is better suited for shorter and thicker hair. By comparison, hair wax is suitable for any hair length and type.

The main difference between hair wax and other hair products is that it is an all-in-one styling product that you can easily wash out. It is the ideal product if you want to style your hair every day and hydrate your hair to keep it looking younger for longer.

While all of these products are unisex, hair wax offers the most flexibility for both men and women. Whether you are in the market for an everyday hair product, or something to save for special occasions, hair wax is the most popular choice. When shopping around for hair wax, you should search for a product that uses natural ingredients, and that is free of parabens. The Da Wax is one of the best-selling hair waxes on the market and is environmentally-friendly with natural ingredients. Click here or the picture below for more details.

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